In the counter of the shop, it is waiting for the people to win it up, winding, and thus give it the power of life, and then through the hands of their parents handed the hands of children to complete the life of the continuation of the message ... ... " Must have a high quality mechanical watch, not because the brand's fame, not to show off their own money.However, when a good watch worn on the wrist, you wear it is behind the story of this table is numerous craftsmen excellence Of the effort; it brings you is accompanied by a lifetime of peace of mind and comfort, can be spread on behalf of the precious. "Has been accustomed to the investment point of view to consider the people who watch the watch is no longer the most original function of the watch - timing. When the watch as a timing tool meaning gradually subsided, it has been from a "subsidiary" concept out of the formation of its unique culture.
Collectors favor the importance of the first impression of the first impression, no matter how sophisticated a table movement, how complex technology, how sophisticated technology, people first concerned about it or its design. Many classic designs have evolved into the brand's second mark, such as the form of Rolex form, as its original spirit of the embodiment, after half a century of test, almost become the image of the watch on behalf of. Form (OYSTER), is a great invention of Rolex, the integrated shape of the case, screw-in bottom cover and screw-in head design into the watch production process, the overall use of steel cutting car system, The This structure is different from the then welding of the ear, pressed into the bottom cover and plug the head, a symbol of Rolex watches like oysters as strong and waterproof.

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Rolex's logo is a crown, the top of the crown of the emperor's crown is a fingers stretched out the palm of the hand, meaning the Rolex completely refined by hand. Today, it represents the position of Rolex in the watch industry. As Rolex has been committed to the promotion in the softball market, so its brand image has long been popular. In the international market, the price of a regular Rolex watch from $ 1,000 to $ 15,000 range. Although the price is not cheap, but people still think that value for money, in addition to its excellent quality, but also because of its unique investment value. Rolex antique table of the strong preservation of the 20th century, 50 years of production of steel Rolex, at the replica watches time is the most common one, priced at less than 300 US dollars, and now the value has soared to 1,200 US dollars. In 2002, at an auction held in Geneva, a Vietnamese last-year emperor Baotai spent the 1952 annual Rolex calendar gold table, to 342,000 Swiss francs (then about 23.54 million US dollars) astronomical price shoot.
In 2008, Rolex was founded on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the auction of watches and clocks famous An Tian Gu Lun auction company held a "Rolex movement table evolution" as the theme of the auction, the auction covers the form of Rolex, diving table, the form of cosmic replica watches uk timing Table and anti-magnetic table series. In the auction list, was nicknamed James Bond's stainless steel case Rolex Submariner Ref, 6538, because Sean? Connery in 1962 starred in the first episode 007 movie "No. 7 intelligence officer" in the wear And named, estimated auction price of 1.24 million to 1.86 million yuan. The other is known as Paul Newman's Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Ref, 6239, its worth and collection value for the table fans relish.

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